Ivan Aguilar

Hi there! My name is

Ivan Aguilar

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer from Saragossa, Spain. I'm currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer / Platform Engineer at DocPlanner.

I have 10+ years of coding experience and have been working professionally over 6 years.

Work Experience

DocPlanner Tech

Site Reliability Engineer
April 2022 - Present | Remote
  • Unifying CI infrastructure with GitHub Actions and a self-hosted runner solution
  • Integrating OpenTelemetry into .NET, GoLang and NodeJS apps as a main tool for telemetry
  • Leading migration between cloud monitoring solutions
  • Implementing On-Call system with alerts and rotations
  • Developing internal tools and development platforms
  • Improving code quality and development processes via automation
  • Ensuring reliability and stability of our infrastructure and software services
  • Mentoring junior team members and developers
  • Design and implementation of CI/CD
  • Architecting distributed services for the cloud

Grupo Sesé

Tech Lead / DevOps Lead
April 2021 - April 2022 | Remote
  • In charge of architecture design and technical decisions in new projects
  • Leading migration of services to Azure
  • Design of complex pipelines with multiple test environments powered by IaC (Terraform)
  • Implementation of true CI/CD. Fully automated integration, delivery, release and deployment
  • Architecting distributed services for cloud
  • Leading development of a Service Chassis for distributed services
  • Implementing Source Generators and Code Analyzers to improve our development process
  • Implementing modern development patterns and architectures on new projects

SGS Group

Fullstack Developer
July 2018 - April 2021 | Remote
  • Design and development of web applications using React, .NET 5 / .NET Core, ASP.NET WebForms
  • Migration of legacy applications to a modern React + .NET 5 stack following Clean Architecture and CQRS
  • Development of secure, highly available REST APIs using .NET Core
  • Design and implementation of new features and modules for both web and desktop applications
  • UI / UX design
  • Development of internal tooling
  • Software Documentation
  • Implementation of CI/CD workflows for our code repositories
  • Technical support for both our company employees and external clients (hardware and software)


Fullstack Developer
July 2017 - July 2018 | Saragossa, Spain
  • Development of plugins for Autodesk REVIT with .NET and C#
  • Development of web applications using Node, TypeScript, React and Angular
  • Integration of Autodesk Forge API in our services
  • Design of MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • Programming training for company employees
  • Maintenance of the company’s IT equipment and network

Main Technologies


Skill level: High


Skill level: High


Skill level: High


Skill level: High


Skill level: High


Skill level: Medium


Skill level: Medium

Google Cloud

Skill level: Medium


Skill level: Medium

Hire Me

I'm always open to considering new projects.

Please make sure you read the following requirements before sending me an offer.

Please don't reach out if you can't meet all these requirements or provide the required information.

Project Requirements

- Project with clean and scalable architecture, developed with modern technologies.

- Stable company where I can share my knowledge with other team members and acquire new skills.

- Cloud-based software, preferrably running on Kubernetes.

- International company with English as main language.

- Fully remote position. No traveling / on-site work ever.

- Contract signed directly with end client.

- Permanent / indefinite positions only. I'm not a freelancer.

Required Information

- Information about the company and project.

- Company & team size.

- Project tech stack (development and infrastructure).

- Type of contract and salary.

- Explanation of the recruitment process (number of interviews, duration, etc).

- Responsibilities of the offered position.